W h y ? ?

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend.

Most of the children I see riding bicycles are not wearing helmets.

If you’re the parent of a child that is riding their bicycle without a helmet, please let me know one simple thing -> WHY??

If your answer is, “I didn’t wear a helmet when I rode my bike as a kid”.

Wrong answer. You probably didn’t wear a seat belt either. Are your kids not wearing seat belts when they’re in the car? I bet they are. So why the double-standard on bicycle helmets?

I really hope the answer isn’t “My kids think they don’t look cool if they’re wearing a helmet” or “None of the other kids wear helmets”. Is the genuine safety of your child worth a vanity statement?

A few statistics:

  • A helmet can prevent 85% of head-related injuries in a bicycle fall/crash.
  • 75% of the folks on their bikes that die each year die due to a head injury.

Do I need to keep going?

Seriously. What is your answer to this question.

I’m all ears…

Here is some additional information if you’re interested:
Bicycle Helmets for Children

Look forward to reading some comments. I really need to understand why 90% of the children I see out there are not wearing helmets.

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