Trek Valencia Review : Ride #8 – Breakfast for three

Trek Valencia Experience : Ride #8 (of 10)
Ride Type:
Easy trip to restaurant for breakfast
Distance: 10.62 miles

My brother Jason was in town last weekend and joined us for the weekly “Sunday Morning Ride” that my Dad and I do. It was one Trek Valencia (me) flanked by two Electra Townies. I’m sure we were quite the sight as we headed northbound on Stone Oak Parkway just after 07:30am with our tail and head lights blaring!

Here’s the latest scoop on my “Valencia Experience”:

  • Disc Brakes: I give my bicycles a quick once over before each ride and especially my commuter bike given its heavy responsibility of getting me safely to work on two wheels. I noticed that the front wheel seemed to be spinning with “less freedom” than the rear wheel. I also thought that I could almost hear the disc brake slightly rubbing. A mechanic at BikeWorld quickly confirmed my suspicion – the front disc brake was every so slightly rubbing. In less than ten minutes he’d made the necessary adjustments to correct the issue. As I close in on 300 miles, it’s clear I need to take the bike in for it’s INITIAL and FREE “tune up”. With the disc brake problem corrected, the ride to the Egg & I restaurant for breakfast seemed even easier than it usually does!
  • Frame: Other than the disc brake issue, the Valencia has been weathering the rough road surfaces I frequently encounter without complaint and there have been times when I’ve run into truly punishing road conditions. So far, so good.
  • Fenders: This ended up being my last ride with fenders. I had a pair of Planet Bike Cascadia fenders on the Valencia, which accomodated them with all the necessary mounting points. I chose to remove the fenders since rainy days are so few and far between here and why have the extra weight (though clearly, a minimal weight addition). I’m keeping the fenders handy in case I change my mind – certainly a possibility! Another aspect of the removal was pure vanity. The bike looks, in my opinion, more “sporty” without them.

My brother captured some video of me riding the bike so if you’d like to see the Valencia in a “live action” clip, check it out! It will give you a good sense of the ride position, accessories I’m using, etc. I look pretty bulky in this video but I also had about three layers of clothes on. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Be sure to check out my Flickr photostream for more Valencia photos and do post a comment if you have questions, etc.!

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