League Cycling Instructor

To put things in perspective, Rutherford B. Hayes was President when the League of American Wheelmen was founded in 1880.  Bicyclists, referred to simply as “wheelmen”, formed the League to advocate for for paved roads and to band together against antagonism from horsemen, wagon drivers and others.

The Wright Brothers and John D. Rockefeller were members of the League.

Last weekend after being a member of the League for about two years, I attended a seminar in Houston, TX where I earned my certification as a League Cycling Instructor (LCI).  It feels great to be an official bicycle safety advocate and educator for an organization (known today as the League of American Bicyclists) with such a rich history.

The League is serious about bicycle safety and it shows.  There was rigor in the certification process – from the comprehensive pre-seminar exam to the aggressive seminar agenda which included teaching & demonstrating bicycle safety and emergency maneuvers as well as applying the principles of vehicular cycling repeatedly at a busy intersection in heavy Houston traffic.

As a newly minted LCI, I have already discovered a formidable hunger exists in San Antonio for bicycle education and safety — in just two days, I had the names of 30 people interested in attending a Traffic Skills 101 or Commuting class.

I’m looking forward to doing what I can to help these folks improve their riding confidence and honor their commitment to improving their safety.

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