Sun, rain and frogageddon

Broke a spell of nearly a week without riding (due to Hurricane Alex) only to encounter what I can only describe effectively as “Frogageddon” – due to all the rain from the Hurricane, many frogs ventured onto the pavement on the country roads on our route.  Unfortunately, 100% of them were pancakes – squashed by cars.  I did narrowly avoid running over at least two 8-12 inch “stick bugs” that were a bit creepy (had visions of hitting one and it flying up at me and landing in my back jersey pocket or something).

We also started the rain with a heavy overcast, enjoyed some sun for a few miles then encountered very wet streets on our return home – not a big fan of riding on soaking streets with my 700×23 slick road bike tires!

Quite an interesting ride – but soooo good to be back on the bike!


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