Review : Zefal Spy Mirror

The Zefal Spy Mirror

When you use your bicycle as transportation, you spend a lot of time riding in traffic with cars.  As a result, adding a mirror to your bicycle can give you some situational awareness of what’s going on behind you.

In my book, keeping a periodic eye on the world behind you in this age of distracted drivers is becoming a hard requirement for safely navigating in the traffic environment.  My Trek Soho and Trek Valencia bicycles have large Third-Eye Mirrors which give me a clear rear view.

Sometimes, however, I want to ride one of my other bicycles on the road – maybe my single speed bike or even my mountain bike.  Instead of installing a permanent mirror on these bikes, Zefal’s “Spy” Mirror provides a tool-less, vibration-proof mirror that does an impressive job despite its compact size.

The Zefal “Spy” can be mounted on handlebars or even top tubes.  I mount it at the end of the flat handlebars on my mountain bike and along the side of the lower section of my drop handlebars on the road bike.

Here are some of the key characteristics that make the Zefal “Spy” a solid option in the bicycle mirror universe:

  • Tool-less mounting system makes it easy to move this mirror from one bicycle to another in seconds.
  • Small mirror doesn’t get in the way but does provide enough of a view to provide adequate awareness of cars approaching from behind.
  • The mirror is virtually vibration-proof – you’ll have a clear view behind you even on rough road surfaces.
  • The mirror can be moved around slightly to help perfect the view.
  • Inexpensive – can be picked up at most bike shops and online for <$20

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