Review : Cygolite HotShot

Rechargeable with 2-watts of power, the Hot Shot delivers!

The “HotShot” is an appropriate name for this impressive new bicycle tail light.  It is quickly becoming my favorite light.  That speaks volumes given some of the incredible new lights on the market like the Radbot 1000 and Planet Bike’s Superflash Turbo.

What makes the “HotShot” such a contender is that it offers:

  • An industry leading 2-watts of power at a time when 1-watt lights are just now picking up steam.
  • An escape from constantly changing batteries since the light incorporates an integrated, rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Easy USB charging with an included cable
  • An ability to alter the speed of more than 5 different flash patterns

With 2 full watts of power, this light is incredibly bright and includes integrated reflective elements that allow it to provide some minor measure of protection if the light were to quit working (similar but not as effective as the full reflector in the Radbot 1000).

This light is currently mounted on the seatpost of my CoMotion Americano touring bicycle and recently performed very well on an 85-mile roundtrip bicycle tour I completed.  Since I usually already have a device or two that uses USB charging, I just throw the USB cable included with this light into my touring bag and charge it along with my iPad, iPhone and other electronic gadgets.

I’ve also found the ability to alter the speed of the different flash modes to be a nice touch.  With a little time you can come up with some very eye-catching flash patterns.

The HotShot is hopefully only the beginning of a trend towards high-powered, rechargeable bicycle tail lights that will increase your safety on the road.


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