2011 : A Year in Review

Tour de Cure 2011 finish with my biggest fan!

In 2011, riding my bicycle to/from work helped me avoid purchasing 100 gallons of gasoline which put just over $300 back in my pocket.  Thank you, bicycle!

Thanks to Garmin Connect it’s easy to look back and analyze my 2011 bicycle mileage:

  • Transportation:  1,190 miles (commuting, errands)
  • Training:  607 miles (prep for cycling events like Tour de Cure)
  • Fitness:  240 miles (usually solo rides about an hour in length)
  • Touring:  225 miles (overnight tours to Comfort, Blanco, etc.)
  • Recreation:  29 miles (easy rides with family)
  • Events:  225 miles (Tour de Cure, Hammerfest, Rock ‘n Roll Bike Tour)

Total Mileage:  2,516 miles

Highlights of 2011 include:

  • A full year of commuting on my Trek Soho bicycle purchased December 2010
  • I purchased a CoMotion Americano touring bicycle – an American, handmade bicycle I look forward to racking up some serious mileage on
  • I co-taught six Traffic Skills 101 bicycle safety classes (that’s about 54 hours of teaching people how to be safe on their bikes!)
  • I presented my first of hopefully many FREE bicycle safety presentations at San Antonio Public Libraries.
  • I completed three overnight bicycle tours to Seguin, Comfort and Blanco, TX
  • I participated in three events I’d never done before: Tour de Cure, La Vernia Hammerfest and the San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Bike Tour.

Looking back on 2011, I can honestly say it was definitely a “Year of the Bike” for me and 2012 is already lining up to be another banner year!

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