Review: Burley Travoy

Grocery shopping by bicycle with the Burley Travoy!

“Cool!  What is that?!”

That’s a typical response I get when riding my bicycle with the Burley Travoy attached.  The Travoy is an attention getter both because of it’s unique look and it’s uncanny ability in a manner of seconds to add cargo carrying utility to nearly any bike.

I have used my Travoy to:

  • Carry all the equipment I need to facilitate a bicycle safety presentation including laptop, projector and handouts.
  • Transport groceries (Tip: Just take your Travoy bags into the store and load groceries into them so you can maximize how many groceries you purchase without exceeding your carrying capacity)

A lot of thought went into the design and operation of the Travoy, including:

  • The “twist and fold” system makes it easy to quickly fold the Travoy into a compact size that can be carried with you like a small piece of luggage.  It also makes it easy to store your Travoy when not in use.
  • The latching mechanism used to secure the Travoy bags to the frame is intuitive and easy to use
  • The seatpost attachment system means you can use a Travoy on virtually any bicycle – you can leave the Burley collar on your bicycle at all times and then quickly attach or detach the Burley Trailor when you need cargo capacity on your bike.

The biggest challenge the Travoy may have to overcome is its price.  I’ve had more than one cyclist cringe at the ~$280 price tag.

If you consider, however, that the Travoy has serious potential for introducing you to a whole new world of transportation & utility cycling then this price of entry becomes much more reasonable.

More grocery shopping by Burley Travoy (and Trek Soho S)

Burley Travoy loaded with projector, computer and other accessories for my bicycle safety class

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