The Bicycle as Transportation

A bicycle commuter is born - July 2008, gas at $3.97 a gallon

Ride to work.

Ride to breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Ride to an event.

Yes, all of these are possible, but only if you’ve been awakened to the fact that the bicycle in your garage can be so much more than a fitness device.

Before my own awakening, back in the early part of 2008,  I actually remember worrying about things like “how would I get to work if there was a gas shortage” at a time when there was much doom and gloom about gas prices continuing to climb and potential gas shortages.

Then it happened.

I realized that most weekends I’d ride my bicycle care free 20-40 miles with friends.  The round-trip distance to work was about 18-22 miles depending on route.  Wait a second!  I could ride my bike to work!

In June 2008, I completed my first bicycle commute with the help of some fellow commuters who kept me under their wing for my first few rides.

I still remember the strange feeling I had when I was at work that day, “My truck is not here…I got here on my BICYCLE…whoa!”

That feeling was more than just the mere realization that I’d made the journey to work on two wheels.  It was much more than realizing I’d saved $8 in gas money.  It was an awakening…that awareness that I would never look at my bicycle in quite the same way.

It was the moment I viewed The Bicycle as Transportation.

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