CoMotion Americano Rohloff

“American Made, Oregon Made, Handmade”

That’s the slogan of custom bicycle builder CoMotion Cycles.  About a year ago, smitten by the bicycle touring bug, I decided to start putting some cash aside so I could purchase what many bicycle tourists agree is one of the top touring bikes on the market – the CoMotion Americano.  I was determined, too, to add a truly American Made bicycle to my stable.

Nickel Headbadge of my Americano

Having logged several hundred miles on my Trek Soho commuter bicycle, the Rohloff version of the Americano with the Gates Carbon Drive was singing its siren song.  Despite the price, what’s not to like about having a very wide-range 14-speed bullet proof internal hub with a maintenance free carbon belt.  Part of my research involved following a bicycle tourist with a similar rig who was doing a cross-country bike tour.  His experiences doing 3,000+ miles using this setup was very encouraging.

Once I got my finances in gear, I had the pleasure of working with Dwan Shepard and Pete Stasney at CoMotion Bikes to work out the detailed design and setup of my Americano.  After a few weeks, I picked up my Americano from the good folks at Bicycle Sport Shop in Austin, TX and shortly thereafter completed my first overnight bicycle tour to Blanco, TX.

Here are the specs for my CoMotion Americano Rohloff:

  • Classic Trim Package – Brooks B17 Saddle, Brooks Leather Grip, Nickel Headbadge
  • Gates Carbon Drive
  • Tubus Tara front rack and Tubus Cargo rear rack
  • Ergon PC-2 Pedals
  • Arkel T-28 (front) and T-42 (rear) panniers

I’m closing in on 200 miles on the bicycle and will rapidly increase this mileage as my bike tours mature from overnight excursions to 2-3 day mini-tours.

An Americano is born!

Americano poses for a portrait

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